The WEB application is the means by which Ingenuity opens up its database to the wider community, outside the HR and payroll departments.

Ingenuity WEB allows employees, supervisory and other staff to view and update any information from within Ingenuity’s database that they are granted access to. Where Information has been entered or amended, Ingenuity WEB may be used to require that it is authorised by one or more other employees, including HR and payroll users, before it can take effect. Such authorisation procedures may be made dependant upon the detail of any request.

Ingenuity WEB may be made available to users either from within an Intranet or across the wider Internet. New starters may be granted access immediately to the intranet application, and restricted from using it after they have left.

A large number of standard WEB forms are provided in order to address the common enquiry and procedural requirements of most organisations, and these may be modified to closely resemble an organisation’s existing Intranet application, or adopted as standard. Additional forms can be introduced in order to meet the specific requirements of each organisation.

Examples of Usage:

By Employees:

Self Certification of Sickness
Holiday Requests
Entry of Time Sheets
Payslip Enquiries
Benefit Statements
Maintenance of some personal information

By Supervisors:

Authorisation of Time Sheets
Payroll Input
Entry of a team’s absences
Rostering of Staff

By Managers:

Requests to create Vacancies
Authorisation of Payroll Input
Changing employees’ contract terms
Planned Salary Changes
Completion of Appraisals
Booking / Requesting Training Courses

By Everybody:

Training Schedules
Telephone Lists

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