Ingenuity's modern technology is based upon a 32-bit object-orientated development environment, 3 tier client/server processing, and multi-level security system. The Web-enabled Self Service module supports industry-standard browser technology, based upon Microsoft’s .NET Framework development environment.


Ingenuity allows for processor- and database-intensive processes to be shared across the micro-processors that are available to it on one or more servers within a network. For example, if pay is being calculated for 1,000 employees and there are four processors available, each processor would calculate the pay of 250 employees.

Processes may be grouped together, and initiated at user-defined intervals and/or times.

Ingenuity Database

Ingenuity is a fully integrated system with each module functioning independently, accessing the same Microsoft SQL Server database.

IT documentation, distributed as part of the installation of Ingenuity, will include recommendations for database back-up and restoration.

Development Language

Ingenuity has been developed using an object oriented, Windows-based development environment.

Compatibility with other Software

Any information that is contained within Ingenuity’s database may be inserted, updated and/or deleted by submitting information in user-definable ‘import definitions’.

Standard facilities exist to receive information from, and pass information to, the following types of ‘third party’ application software:

• General Ledgers

• HR

• Time & Attendance

• Creditors (including those of Pension funds)

• Payments systems (such as BACS)

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