Ingenuity offers one of the most sophisticated and flexible payroll systems available, giving you the best possible solution to either in-house use or as a bureau or managed service. It is in use by a large number of both private and public sector organisations, ranging in size from less than 100 employees, to just under 100,000.

Ingenuity provides you with the tools to manage the lifecycle of each employee. Payroll is fully integrated with other Ingenuity modules as well as interfaced with a broad range of other applications, such as accounting, time & attendance and pension administration systems.

Key payroll functions include :

The processing of pay in any number of currencies

Restrospective pay and costing

Unlimited number of 'supplementary pay runs' for each employee in any pay period

On-line history of all payroll history

User-definable Input screens

Effective-date based calculations

Creditor remittances and submission of electronic files

International Payrolls
Within a managed service solution, international payrolls can also be processed, thereby providing a single database of pay and HR related information for a multi-national enterprise.

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