Ingenuity addresses both the departmental requirements of human resources and payroll, and the administration of organisation-wide procedures and policies.

Typically, Ingenuity will be deployed across an organisation to steam-line administrative processes, avoid the double-entry of any data, allocate tasks, and progress the general workflow. All this activity will operate from within a single system, within which differing groups of users will have their own responsibilities, and roles to play.

In most cases, this degree of automation will be introduced by each organisation after a period of internal analysis and consultation. In such circumstances, an Ingenuity solution would be implemented to meet the specific departmental needs of HR and payroll users, followed by the subsequent deployment of the automated procedures to a larger audience.

An Ingenuity implementation should be viewed as the means of streamlining an organisation’s procedures, improving the service that HR can provide to its customer, and reducing operational costs.

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