The Ingenuity Costing module gives your finance department access to payroll costing information in order that it can be analysed and submitted electronically to your organisation's general ledger system.

Easy Access to Vital Costing Information

The Costing module facilitates immediate, on-line access to both summary and detailed financial information, and its drill-down facilities allow you to explore the source of all summarised data.

Chart of Accounts

Ingenuity's sophisticated coding structures allow it to map to both simple and very complicated charts of accounts.

Each organisation’s own chart of accounts may comprise of cost centres, account and job costing codes. Hierarchical structures for cost centre and job costing codes may also be implemented.

Allocating Costs

As of any date, each Employee may be costed permanently to any number of cost centres. Variable payroll input may be costed to specified 'away' cost centres.

Ingenuity allows you to allocate on-costs in proportion to each employee's earnings, creating a clearer picture of each department's cost of wages and overall cost of doing business.

Costing Adjustments

The finance department may adjust any current or prior costing transactions, independent of the payroll process, and have the nett effect of such changes passed through to the general ledger system automatically. This functionality obviates the need to ever produce manual costing journals.


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